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First-in-Human Phase I Clinical Trial of an SFV-Based RNA Replicon Cancer Vaccine against HPV-Induced Cancers

Re-polarization of immunosuppressive macrophages to tumor-cytotoxic macrophages by repurposed metabolic drugs

Strategies to Target Tumor Immunosuppression

GMP manufacturing of Vvax001, a therapeutic anti-HPV vaccine based on recombinant viral particles

Hepatitis C Virus Proteins Core and NS5A Are Highly Sensitive to Oxidative Stress-Induced Degradation after eIF2α/ATF4 Pathway Activation

Methods for providing purified viral particles of semliki forest virus (sfv), preparations obtainable thereby, and uses thereof.

Therapeutic Vaccines and Cancer Immunotherapy

Therapy-Induced Changes in CXCR4 Expression in Tumor Xenografts Can Be Monitored Noninvasively with N-[C-11]Methyl-AMD3465 PET

Alphavirus-based hepatitis C virus therapeutic vaccines: can universal helper epitopes enhance HCV-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses?

An alphavirus-based therapeutic cancer vaccine: from design to clinical trial

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Macrofagen herprogrammeren voor effectievere immuuntherapie

Kankervaccin klaar voor tests op patiënten


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