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On monolithic and Chorin–Temam schemes for incompressible flows in moving domains

A distributed resistance inverse method for flow obstacle identification from internal velocity measurements

Using parametric model order reduction for inverse analysis of large nonlinear cardiac simulations

Automatic Mapping of Atrial Fiber Orientations for Patient-Specific Modeling of Cardiac Electromechanics using Image-Registration

Estimation of Cardiovascular Relative Pressure Using Virtual Work-Energy

Junction of models of different dimension for flows in tube structures by Womersley-type interface conditions

Optimal Dual-VENC (ODV) Unwrapping in Phase-Contrast MRI

Reducing the impact of geometric errors in flow computations using velocity measurements

The importance of the pericardium for cardiac biomechanics: From physiology to computational modeling

An adaptive Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin approach for cardiac electrophysiology

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