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Eciton robotica: Design and Algorithms for an Adaptive Self-Assembling Soft Robot Collective

Lightweight physics-based models for the control of fluid-mediated self-assembly of robotic modules

A Rule Synthesis Algorithm for Programmable Stochastic Self-assembly of Robotic Modules

Automatic synthesis of rulesets for programmable stochastic self-assembly of rotationally symmetric robotic modules

Probabilistic modeling of programmable stochastic self-assembly of robotic modules

Characterization and validation of a novel robotic system for fluid-mediated programmable stochastic self-assembly

Fluid-Mediated Stochastic Self-Assembly at Centimetric and Sub-Millimetric Scales: Design, Modeling, and Control

Synthesizing rulesets for programmable robotic self-assembly: A case study using floating miniaturized robots

Lily: A miniature floating robotic platform for programmable stochastic self-assembly

An Optimal Hardware Implementation for Active Learning Method Based on Memristor Crossbar Structures

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