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Facile fabrication of microperforated membranes with re-useable SU-8 molds for organs-on-chips

Editorial: Cutting-Edge Nanotechnologies in Bacterial Infection Control

Editorial: Biomaterials with the regulation of reactive oxygen/nitrogen species for biomedical applications

Water in bacterial biofilms: pores and channels, storage and transport functions

Antimicrobial loading of nanotubular titanium surfaces favoring surface coverage by mammalian cells over bacterial colonization

Encapsulation of photothermal nanoparticles in stealth and ph-responsive micelles for eradication of infectious biofilms in vitro and in vivo

Escherichia coli Colonization of Intestinal Epithelial Layers In Vitro in the Presence of Encapsulated Bifidobacterium breve for Its Protection against Gastrointestinal Fluids and Antibiotics

Influence of interaction between surface-modified magnetic nanoparticles with infectious biofilm components in artificial channel digging and biofilm eradication by antibiotics in vitro and in vivo

On-demand pulling-off of magnetic nanoparticles from biomaterial surfaces through implant-associated infectious biofilms for enhanced antibiotic efficacy

Possibilities and impossibilities of magnetic nanoparticle use in the control of infectious biofilms

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