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New insights in phenotype and treatment of lung disease immuno-deficiency and chromosome breakage syndrome (LICS)

Differences in lung clearance index and functional residual capacity between two commercial multiple-breath nitrogen washout devices in healthy children and adults

Endobronchial valve placement for a severe pneumothorax in a child on ECLS

Longitudinal effects of smoking cessation on DNA methylation in bronchial biopsies of COPD and asymptomatic smokers

Fontan Circulation over Time

Protocadherin-1 Localization and Cell-Adhesion Function in Airway Epithelial Cells in Asthma

Protocadherin-1 binds to SMAD3 and suppresses TGF-beta 1-induced gene transcription

Mouse Protocadherin-1 Gene Expression Is Regulated by Cigarette Smoke Exposure In Vivo

Untargeted Lipidomic Analysis in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Uncovering Sphingolipids

Adenosine receptors in COPD and asymptomatic smokers: effects of smoking cessation

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