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EBF recommendation on practical management of critical reagents for antidrug antibody ligand-binding assays

EBF recommendation on practical management of critical reagents for PK ligand-binding assays

Incurred sample reproducibility: 10 years of experiences: views and recommendations from the European Bioanalysis Forum

11th GCC Closed Forum: cumulative stability; matrix stability; immunogenicity assays; laboratory manuals; biosimilars; chiral methods; hybrid LBA/LCMS assays; fit-for-purpose validation; China Food and Drug Administration bioanalytical method validation

Best practices in performing flow cytometry in a regulated environment: feedback from experience within the European Bioanalysis Forum

Method transfer: a CRO perspective

The 10th GCC Closed Forum: rejected data, GCP in bioanalysis, extract stability, BAV, processed batch acceptance, matrix stability, critical reagents, ELN and data integrity and counteracting fraud

2017 White Paper on recent issues in bioanalysis: a global perspective on immunogenicity guidelines & biomarker assay performance (Part 3-LBA: immunogenicity, biomarkers and PK assays)

Recommendations for the development and validation of flow cytometry-based receptor occupancy assays

Role of receptor occupancy assays by flow cytometry in drug development

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