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dr. B.P.C. (Bouke) Hazenberg

Former Assistant Professor of Medicine, Rheumatologist not-practising, past chair of the Amyloidosis Centre of Expertise
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Recent educational activities:


Annual lecture Clinical Reasoning together with F. Muntinghe in 'blok 2.3': Problem solving – Joint complaints, how to proceed? 2000-2012

Annual lecture in choice project Systemic Diseases: Amyloid and amyloidosis 2000-2011

Semiannual lecture Rheumatology in the course Immunology and Coagulation for the 'Vereniging Klinisch Chemici Noord' (organised by J. Vos) 2000-2011. 


Coaching of PhD students:

    Co-examiner during the viva examination for the PhD degree of D. Rowczenio in London with supervisor prof. dr. P.N. Hawkins on September 9, 2015. PhD thesis: Genetic analysis and phenotypic studies in hereditary systemic amyloidosis and autoinflammatory syndromes.

    Co-supervisor of W. Noordzij. PhD degree in Groningen with supervisors prof. dr. R.H.J.A. Slart and prof. dr. R.A.J.O. Dierckxs on April 29, 2015. PhD thesis: SPECT and PET in Cardiac Sympathetic Innervation.

    Co-supervisor of A.W.J.M. Glaudemans. PhD degree (cum laude) in Groningen with supervisors prof. dr. A. Signore and prof. dr. R.A.J.O. Dierckxs on February 12, 2014. PhD thesis: Nuclear Medicine strategies to image inflammatory and infectious diseases.

    Member of the opposition at the PhD degree of J. Benka in Groningen with supervisors prof. dr. J.W. Groothoff and prof. dr. J.J.L. van der Klink on December 10, 2012. PhD thesis: Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis: do personal and social resources make a difference?

    Co-supervisor of I.I. van Gameren. PhD degree in Groningen with supervisors prof. dr. M.H. van Rijswijk and prof. dr. E. Vellenga on November 18, 2009.  PhD thesis: Diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in systemic amyloidosis.

   Member of the opposition at the PhD degree of J.C.H. v/d Hilst in Nijmegen with supervisors prof. dr. J.W.M. v/d Meer and prof. dr. J.P.H. Drenth on January 29, 2009. PhD thesis: Hyper IgD syndrome and type AA amyloidosis.

   Member of the opposition at the PhD degree of A.K.L. Oei-Reyners in Groningen with supervisor prof. dr. W.D. Reitsma on March 20, 2002. PhD thesis: Cardiovascular autonomic function tests: Methodological considerations and clinical application.


Coaching of interns:

   J.M. Meijer (in 2007-2008, in collaboration with dr. H. Bootsma) with subject: localized cutaneous amyloidosis in Sjogren's disease, resulting in a publication.

   B. van Schijndel (in 2007-2008, in collaboration with prof. dr. T. Huizinga, LUMC, and prof. dr. P.C. Limburg) with subject: transthyretin detection in abdominal fat aspirates of patients with ATTR amyloidosis.

   A.J.C. Hazenberg (in 2007, in collaboration with dr. F.G. Dikkers) with subject: AApoAI amyloidosis of the larynx, resulting in a publication.

   D.E.B. Verbeek (in 2006, in collaboration with dr. T.K. Kremer Hovenga, Martini Ziekenhuis) with subject: serum free light chains, resulting in a publication.

   H. Bartels (in 2004, in collaboration with dr. F.G. Dikkers) with subject: laryngeal amyloidosis, resulting in a publication.


Coaching of medical students:

In BK III (dealing with science) in G 2010:

  2015. S. Albers, S. Zoethout, M. Zomermaand, T. Omansen. Additionele immunotherapie voor AL-amyloïdose: Een RCT voor SAP depletie gevolgd door anti-humaan-SAP antilichamen

  2011. S. Immenga, K. Eijkelenkamp, J. Woudstra. Therapeutische strategieën bij ATTR-amyloïdose; is er een alternatief voor levertransplantatie?

  2011. E. van Bommel, M.P. Tjeerdsma, M.J.G. Carbo. Pilot Study: NT-Pro-BNP als weerspiegeling van de kliniek bij AL Amyloïdose met cardiale betrokkenheid.

  2008. R.J. Spruit, A.D. Coumou en R.K. Oosterhuis. FLC eliminatie door hemodialyse bij AL amyloïdose o.b.v. Multiple Myeloma; is er verbetering van de mediane overleving?

Coaching of a student following the PreMedical Program of the Roosevelt Academy: (2008) student M.F. Zeilstra: Clinical information stint of 3 weeks on the dpt Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology.


Coaching of technicians and nurses:

   L. de Boer (2009-2010, in collaboration with J. Bijzet, B.Sc.) HBO afstudeerstage Biologie en Medisch Laboratoriumonderzoek aan het Instituut voor Life Science & Technology, Hanzehogeschool Groningen: Het opsporen van ATTR amyloïd in onderhuids buikvet m.b.v. immunochemische technieken.

   B. Boersma (2008-2009, in collaboration with J. Bijzet, B.Sc.) HBO afstudeerstage Biologie en Medisch Laboratoriumonderzoek v/d Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden: Ontwikkeling van een in vitro systeem voor humane AA amyloïd depositie.

   A. Adema (2007-2008, in collaboration with J. Bijzet, B.Sc.) MBO Laboratoriumtechniek stage v/h Friesland College te Leeuwarden: Bepaling van serum amyloid P (SAP) in vetbiopten.

   Student nurse: (April 2006) I. Hollenga scriptie klinische zorg - Verpleegkundige voorlichting bij evaluatie van amyloidose.

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