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First-in-Human Phase I Clinical Trial of an SFV-Based RNA Replicon Cancer Vaccine against HPV-Induced Cancers

Alphavirus-based hepatitis C virus therapeutic vaccines: can universal helper epitopes enhance HCV-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses?

A rationally designed combined treatment with an alphavirus-based cancer vaccine, sunitinib and low-dose tumor irradiation completely blocks tumor development

Sunitinib depletes myeloid-derived suppressor cells and synergizes with a cancer vaccine to enhance antigen-specific immune responses and tumor eradication

Tattoo Delivery of a Semliki Forest Virus-Based Vaccine Encoding Human Papillomavirus E6 and E7

Therapeutic immunization and local low-dose tumor irradiation, a reinforcing combination

Long-term clinical and immunological effects of p53-SLP (R) vaccine in patients with ovarian cancer

Potentiation of a p53-SLP vaccine by cyclophosphamide in ovarian cancer: A single-arm phase II study

Heterologous Prime-Boost Immunizations with a Virosomal and an Alphavirus Replicon Vaccine

Potentiation of a P53-SLP vaccine by cyclophosphamide in ovarian cancer, A single ARM phase II study

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