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How innovative is your employee? The role of employee and supervisor dark triad personality traits in supervisor perceptions of employee innovative behavior

Power and interdependence in organizations

When Change Causes Stress: Effects of Self-construal and Change Consequences

Leader Self-Concept and Self-Interested Behavior The Moderating Role of Power

Effects of lactation room quality on working mothers’ feelings and thoughts related to breastfeeding and work: A randomized controlled trial and a field experiment

Effects of Leaders’ Power Construal on Leader-Member Exchange: The Moderating Role of Competitive Climate at Work

From dementia mindsets to emotions and behaviors: Predicting person-centered care in care professionals

How to mitigate destructive leadership: Human resources-practices that mitigate Dark Triad leaders’ destructive tendencies

Shift, Suppress, Sever: Systemic Strategies for Dealing with Dark Leadership

Trapped at work: The Barriers Model of Abusive Supervision

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Welcome to Hotel California: You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave?

Dit is waarom medewerkers moeilijk voor zichzelf opkomen tegenover nare baas: ‘Er is hulp nodig’

How to spot a narcissist in the workplace

The three 'nightmare traits' at the heart of bad leadership, 2019

Bad boss? You may be making things better – or worse!

How you might unwittingly be making your bad boss even worse

With great power comes great responsibility… right?

Trump moet meer op zijn slogan gaan lijken


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