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How innovative is your employee? The role of employee and supervisor dark triad personality traits in supervisor perceptions of employee innovative behavior

Power and interdependence in organizations

When Change Causes Stress: Effects of Self-construal and Change Consequences

Leader Self-Concept and Self-Interested Behavior The Moderating Role of Power

Challenge and threat appraisal of entrepreneurial errors: a latent profile analysis and examination of coping responses

Exploration Career Role Enactment and Employability Evaluations: The Moderating Roles of Leader Opening and Closing Behaviours

Financial stress and quit intention: the mediating role of entrepreneurs’ affective commitment

How to neutralize primary psychopathic leaders’ damaging impact: Rules, sanctions, and transparency

The Mask of Sanity? Leader Primary Psychopathy and the Effects of Leader Emotion Regulation Strategies on Followers

The sustained nature of abusive supervision: An overview and synthesis of theoretical frameworks

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Omtzigts populistische oneliner lost ggz-probleem niet op

How can abuse in the workplace be managed?

Welcome to Hotel California: You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave?

Dit is waarom medewerkers moeilijk voor zichzelf opkomen tegenover nare baas: ‘Er is hulp nodig’

How to spot a narcissist in the workplace

What should you do if you think you’re working with a narcissist? - Employer News

What should you do if you think you’re working with a narcissist?

Could you spot the traits of narcissism? | theHRD

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