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Characterization of the early events in dengue virus cell entry by biochemical assays and single-virus tracking

Antiviral activity of human lactoferrin: Inhibition of alphavirus interaction with heparan sulfate

Reversible acid-induced inactivation of the membrane fusion protein of Semliki Forest virus

Cell entry mechanisms of alphaviruses: receptor interaction and membrane fusion in a liposomal model system

Induction of cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity by immunization with recombinant Semliki Forest virus: indications for cross-priming

Liposomes as target membranes in the study of virus receptor interaction and membrane fusion

Adaptation of alphaviruses to heparan sulfate: Interaction of Sindbis and Semliki Forest viruses with liposomes containing lipid-conjugated heparin

Behavior of a photo activatable analog of cholesterol, 6-photocholesterol, in model membranes

Sphingolipid and cholesterol dependence of alphavirus membrane fusion - Lack of correlation with lipid raft formation in target liposomes

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