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Future urban development scenarios for post-conflict Syria. How will returning refugees shape the future?

Narratives of home on the fringe of Tehran: The case of shahriar county

Resurgent landlordism in a student city: Urban dynamics of private rental growth

Social justice-oriented narratives in European urban food strategies: Bringing forward redistribution, recognition and representation

Rethinking Planning Systems: A Plea for Self-Assessment and Comparative Learning

Secondary property ownership in Europe: contributing to asset-based welfare strategies and the ‘really big trade-off’

The war-time urban development of Damascus: How the geography- and political economy of warfare affects housing patterns

Urban Narratives on the Changing Nature of Social Capital in Post-Communist Romania

In which European countries is homeownership more financially advantageous? Explaining the size of the tenure wealth gap in 10 countries with different housing and welfare regimes

Narratives of Home in the Fringe of Tehran: The Case of Shahriar

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