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Are lateralized and bold fish optimistic or pessimistic?

Effects of early predation and social cues on the relationship between laterality and personality

The effect of light during embryonic development on laterality and exploration in Western rainbowfish

Dynamics of maternal androgens and its metabolites during early embryonic development: embryonic modification of a maternal effect

Early conversion of maternal androgens affects the embryo already in the first week of development

Embryonic heart rate is affected by yolk androgens and egg laying sequence, and correlates with embryonic tissue growth: A study in rock pigeons

Plasticity in metabolism of maternal androgens in avian embryos

Differential temperature effects on photoperiodism in female voles: A possible explanation for declines in vole populations

Do stickleback parents influence the development of personality and brain laterality in their offspring?

Effect of the environment on the development of laterality and personality in the three-spined sticklebacks

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