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A Contemporary Approach to Non-Invasive 3D Determination of Individual Masticatory Muscle Forces: A Proof of Concept

Four-Dimensional Determination of the Patient-Specific Centre of Rotation for Total Temporomandibular Joint Replacements: Following the Groningen Principle

Three-Dimensional Guided Zygomatic Implant Placement after Maxillectomy

Accuracy of fit analysis of the patient-specific Groningen temporomandibular joint prosthesis

Feasibility of Imaging-Based 3-Dimensional Models to Design Patient-Specific Osteosynthesis Plates and Drilling Guides

Immediate implant-retained prosthetic obturation after maxillectomy based on zygomatic implant placement by 3D-guided surgery: a cadaver study

Patient-specific finite element models of the human mandible: Lack of consensus on current set-ups

Three-dimensional virtual surgical planning in the oncologic treatment of the mandible

Experimental Multicenter and Multivendor Evaluation of the Performance of PET Radiomic Features Using 3-Dimensionally Printed Phantom Inserts

Novel finite element-based plate design for bridging mandibular defects: Reducing mechanical failure

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