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A healthy view?: exploring the positive health perceptions of older adults with a lower socioeconomic status using photo-elicitation interviews

Experiences of social frailty among rural community-dwelling and assisted-living older adults: A qualitative study

Geographical life-space and subjective wellbeing in later life

Social Needs and Happiness: A Life Course Perspective

A Closer Look at Loneliness: Why Do First-Generation Migrants Feel More Lonely Than Their Native Dutch Counterparts?

Eenzaamheid onder oudere migranten: Een nadere blik

The associations of different social needs with psychological strengths and subjective well-being: An empirical investigation based on Social Production Function theory

Gender and socioeconomic inequalities in health at older ages across different European welfare clusters: Evidence from SHARE data, 2004-2015

Pace and determinants of implementation of the self-management of well-being group intervention: a multilevel observational study

The Dutch Comparative Scale for Assessing Volunteer Motivations among Volunteers and Non-Volunteers: An Adaptation of the Volunteer Functions Inventory

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Sociale behoeften verschillen nauwelijks per leeftijdsgroep

Download 'Promovendiregister op universiteit' PDF document | 550 kB Publicatie | 15-04-2020

Download 'Promovendiregister op thema uit de SZW kennisagenda' PDF document | 343 kB Publicatie | 05-02-2020

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De motor achter meer glans

Gezond leven zou geen topsport moeten zijn

Zestiger voelt zich tien jaar jonger

Prettig oud worden: neem zelf het initiatief

Oud worden is hip

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