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prof. dr. ir. B.J. (Bart J) Kooi

Chair research group Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces, Full Professor
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+31 50 36 34896 (secretary +31 50 363 4974)


Additive manufacturing of interstitial-strengthened high entropy alloy: Scanning strategy dependent anisotropic mechanical properties

Approaching Bulk Mobility in PbSe Colloidal Quantum Dots 3D Superlattices

Crystallographic orientation-dependent deformation characteristics of additive manufactured interstitial-strengthened high entropy alloys

Deformation processes of additively manufactured interstitial-strengthened high entropy alloy: In-situ high-energy synchrotron X-ray diffraction and microstructural appraisal

Effects of Intermixing in Sb2Te3/Ge1+xTe Multilayers on the Thermoelectric Power Factor

Erratum: Interfacial spin-orbit torques and magnetic anisotropy in WSe2/permalloy bilayers

Memristive memory enhancement by device miniaturization for neuromorphic computing

Nickel Boride (NixB) Nanocrystals: From Solid-State Synthesis to Highly Colloidally Stable Inks

Stabilization of the aqueous phase fraction of pine wood bio-oil using zirconia-supported Fe/Cu/Pd nano-catalysts under mild conditions

The effect of biomolecular corona on adsorption onto and desorption from a model lipid membrane

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