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prof. dr. ir. B.J. (Bart J) Kooi

Chair research group Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces, Full Professor
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+31 50 36 34896 (secretary +31 50 363 4974)


Atomically Resolved Phase Coexistence in VO2 Thin Films

Domains with Varying Conductance in Tensile Strained SrMnO3 Thin Films Using Out-of-Plane Electric Fields

Giant electrostriction-like response from defective non-ferroelectric epitaxial BaTiO3 integrated on Si (100)

Metavalent or Hypervalent Bonding: Is There a Chance for Reconciliation?

On the orientation-dependent mechanical properties of interstitial solute-strengthened Fe49.5Mn30Co10Cr10C0.5 high entropy alloy produced by directed energy deposition

Optimized carbon extraction replicas for transmission electron microscopy of nanoprecipitates in microalloyed low-carbon steels

Strong Substrate Influence on Atomic Structure and Properties of Epitaxial VO2 Thin Films

Thick Does the Trick: Genesis of Ferroelectricity in 2D GeTe-Rich (GeTe)m(Sb2Te3)n Lamellae

Ultra-strong and ductile precipitation-strengthened high entropy alloy with 0.5 % Nb addition produced by laser additive manufacturing

3D Nanostructuring of Phase-Change Materials Using Focused Ion Beam toward Versatile Optoelectronics Applications

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