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A Guide to R for Social and Behavioral Science Statistics

Adult children's gender, number and proximity and older parents' moves to institutions: Evidence from Sweden

Debunking Lesbian Bed Death: Using Coarsened Exact Matching to Compare Sexual Practices and Satisfaction of Lesbian and Heterosexual Women

Measuring migration motives with open-ended survey data: Methodological and conceptual issues

Migration for family and labour market outcomes in Sweden

The Role of Family and Friends in Return Migration and Its Labor Market Outcomes

Adolescent Intergenerational Relationship Dynamics and Leaving and Returning to the Parental Home

Geographic mobility among older people and their adult children: The role of parents' health issues and family ties

Nonresident family as a motive for migration

Timing of Departure From the Parental Home: Differences by Immigrant Generation and Parents' Region of Origin

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