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Combining galacto-oligosaccharides and 2 '-fucosyllactose alters their fermentation kinetics by infant fecal microbiota and influences AhR-receptor dependent cytokine responses in immature dendritic cells

Human milk oligosaccharides and non-digestible carbohydrates reduce pathogen adhesion to intestinal epithelial cells by decoy effects or by attenuating bacterial virulence

Inclusion of extracellular matrix molecules and necrostatin-1 in the intracapsular environment of alginate-based microcapsules synergistically protects pancreatic β cells against cytokine-induced inflammatory stress

Attenuation of Doxorubicin-Induced Small Intestinal Mucositis by Pectins is Dependent on Pectin's Methyl-Ester Number and Distribution

Chicory inulin enhances fermentation of 2'-fucosyllactose by infant fecal microbiota and differentially influences immature dendritic cell and T-cell cytokine responses under normal and Th2-polarizing conditions

Human milk oligosaccharides and non-digestible carbohydrates prevent adhesion of specific pathogens via modulating glycosylation or inflammatory genes in intestinal epithelial cells

Impact of electrostatic potential on microcapsule-formation and physicochemical analysis of surface structure: Implications for therapeutic cell-microencapsulation

In vitro degradation profiles and in vivo biomaterial-tissue interactions of microwell array delivery devices

In vitro determination of the immunosuppressive effect, internalization, and release mechanism of squalene-gusperimus nanoparticles for managing inflammatory responses

In Vitro Studies of Squalene-Gusperimus Nanoparticles in Islet-Containing Alginate Microcapsules to Regulate the Immune Response in the Immediate Posttransplant Period

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Stamcellen sturen via nieuwe koppeling biomateriaal

Steering stem cells using new biomaterial connection