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Effects of early-life conditions on innate immune function in adult zebra finches

A fruit diet rather than invertebrate diet maintains a robust innate immunity in an omnivorous tropical songbird

Home-ranges of tropical Red-capped Larks are influenced by breeding rather than vegetation, rainfall or invertebrate availability

Immunological changes in nestlings growing under predation risk

Microbial environment shapes immune function and cloacal microbiota dynamics in zebra finches Taeniopygia guttata

Physiological stress does not increase with urbanization in European blackbirds: Evidence from hormonal, immunological and cellular indicators

Prenatal transfer of gut bacteria in Rock pigeon

Constitutive innate immunity of tropical House Wrens varies with season and reproductive activity

No downregulation of immune function during breeding in two year-round breeding bird species in an equatorial East African environment

Seasonal differences in baseline innate immune function are better explained by environment than annual cycle stage in a year-round breeding tropical songbird

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Roodkapleeuweriken in Kenia - Vogelstudie met een sociaal randje

Bluebird heeft het moeilijk op Bermuda

Irene Tieleman: “De wetenschap heeft behoefte aan rust en reflectie”

‘De simpelste vogel is een ei’

Opgewarmde leeuwerikken

Gegrepen door de woestijn

Life after TBA

Kettingvraag: Hoe overleven keizerpinguïns twee maanden op de ijzige vlakten van Antarctica?

Hoe?Zo!: Evolutie van afweersystemen van vogels

Why do mitochondria differ among species?

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