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dr. B. (Berber) Hagedoorn

Assistant Professor Media Studies & Audiovisual Culture
Profile picture of dr. B. (Berber) Hagedoorn

Berber Hagedoorn is Assistant Professor Media Studies & Audiovisual Culture at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. Her research interests revolve around screen cultures (representations and crossmedia storytelling practices, particulary around television) and audiovisual cultural memory in Europe. For example, she studies how the combination of television with new (cross-)media technologies has influenced the role of television as a storyteller (‘history teacher’) and information source for current media generations. Hagedoorn is the Vice-Chair of ECREA’s Television Studies section (European Communication Research and Education Association) and Member of the EUscreen Foundation Board, organizing cooperation for European research and education into television’s history and its future as a multi-platform storytelling practice. She received the 2021 CLARIAH Teaching Fellowship for a project teaching students in the international classroom to use the English-language collections in the CLARIAH Media Suite for creative multimodal storytelling projects and she received the 2018 Europeana Research Grant award for digital humanities research into Europe’s cultural heritage online. She has extensive experience in Media and Culture Studies and Digital Humanities through large-scale European and Dutch best practice projects on digital audio-visual heritage and cultural memory representation, including EuropeanaEUscreen and CLARIAH. Hagedoorn has published in a.o. Critical Studies in Television, Media and Communication, Studies in Documentary Film, Journal of European Studies, Continuum and VIEW. She is the co-editor of two special issues on ‘The Youthification of Television’ in Critical Studies in Television (16.2 & 16.4, 2021) and the forthcoming edited volume New Challenges in European Television Series: National Experiences in a Transnational Context (Comares). For more information, see:

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