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Practical matters How to find us dr. B.G.J. (Bart) Dekkers
University Medical Center Groningen

dr. B.G.J. (Bart) Dekkers

Hospital Pharmacist Qualiy Assurance / Reseacher
dr. B.G.J. (Bart) Dekkers

Research interests

Asthma, (airway) remodelling, airway smooth muscle, extracellular matrix, integrins, inflammation, therapeutic drug monitoring


Amanitin intoxication: Effects of therapies on clinical outcomes - a review of 40 years of reported cases

Managing intoxications with nicotine-containing e-liquids

Basement membranes in obstructive pulmonary diseases

Laminin α4 contributes to airway remodeling and inflammation in asthma

Reduced moxifloxacin exposure in patients with tuberculosis and diabetes

Relevance of the drug-drug interactions between lidocaine and the pharmacokinetic enhancers ritonavir and cobicistat

Role of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Treatment Optimization in Tuberculosis and Diabetes Mellitus Comorbidity

Invasive Candidiasis in the Elderly: Considerations for Drug Therapy

Schot in behandelperspectief intoxicatie groene knolamaniet: Ex vivo-onderzoek met humane nier- en lever-slices

An acute oral intoxication with haloperidol decanoate: A case report

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