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Donor genetic variants as risk factors for thrombosis after liver transplantation: A genome-wide association study

Interaction between ERAP Alleles and HLA Class I Types Support a Role of Antigen Presentation in Hodgkin Lymphoma Development

Machine perfused donor kidneys as a source of human renal endothelial cells

Pretransplant NT-proBNP, Dialysis Vintage, and Posttransplant Mortality in Kidney Transplant Recipients

Rosetting T cells in Hodgkin lymphoma are activated by immunological synapse components HLA class II and CD58

A paired kidney analysis on the impact of pre-transplant anti-HLA antibodies on graft survival

Allocation to highly sensitized patients based on acceptable mismatches results in low rejection rates comparable to non-sensitized patients

Antibodies against ARHGDIB are associated with long-term kidney graft loss

Effect of initial immunosuppression on long-term kidney transplant outcome in immunological low-risk patients

Toward a sensible single antigen bead cut-off based on kidney graft survival

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