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Models of personality structure

Taxonomy and structure of the Romanian personality lexicon

The relations between conscientiousness and mental health in a North-European and a West-Asian culture

An emic-etic approach to personality assessment in predicting social adaptation, risky social behaviors, status striving and social affirmation

Personality traits in the Serbian language: Structure and procedural effects

Take 2 personality factors: A study of two fundamental ways of trait differentiation in eleven trait taxonomies

Taxonomy of Hungarian personality traits: Replication and refinement

The factor structure of Lithuanian personality-descriptive adjectives of the highest frequency of use

The Psycho-Lexical Approach in Exploring the Field of Values: A reply to Schwartz

Taxonomy and structure of Persian personality-descriptive trait terms

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‘Te vaak gebeurt er niets met adviezen’

Personalia 9-4-2021

Cross Media Café – Fact Check

WZA schaart zich achter samenwerkingsoproep Martini Ziekenhuis

'Paspoortprofessor' weg bij Groningse universiteit

BNG Bank verwelkomt drie nieuwe commissarissen

Raad van toezicht UMCG verwelkomt Harry Brouwer als lid

Voormalig topman Unilever in raad van toezicht Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen (UMCG)

David Voetelink versterkt bestuur HMC

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