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dr. B. (Bram) de Jonge

Associate professor, program coordinator BSc EOR
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+31 6 3198 6840 (Personal)
+31 50 36 37020 (Secretariat Operations)
+31 50 36 37018 (Secretariat BSc EOR)

Research projects

Earlier projects


Using ICT, personalized assignments are currently being developed for a variety of courses. This project has received funding from the university.

Traveling Salesman Game

The problem of determining the shortest tour that visits a given set of cities is known as the travelling salesman problem. Although this problems is easy to understand, it is extremely difficult to determine the optimal tour. During this game, participants play against each other and should try to find, in various rounds, a tour along a number of cities that is as short as possible.

This game has been played during various events organized by FEB and by student association VESTING.

Maintenance Library

The Maintenance Library is an online system that contains hundreds of scientific papers in the area of maintenance planning and optimization. It aims to facilitate doing research in these areas. To that end, papers are categorized, comments can be added, groups of papers can be made, and more. Visit the Maintenance Library, a password is required to get access.

This tour gives an impression of the functionality of the library.

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