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Practical matters How to find us prof. dr. B.A. (Bernard) Nijstad

Research interests

Creativity and innovation of individuals and teams. Decision making and group decision making. Team processes.


Regulatory focus theory: Disentangling goals and strategies

Disentangling the Creative Process: an Examination of Differential Antecedents and Outcomes for Specific Process Elements

Idea Evaluation: Combining Openness and Expertise

Membership change, idea generation, and group creativity: A motivated information processing perspective

Tensions and Paradoxes in Creativity and Innovation

What I do or how I do it: The effect of accountability focus on individual exploration

Group creativity

Group Dynamics

Vulnerability to Psychopathology and Creativity: The Role of Approach-Avoidance Motivation and Novelty Seeking

What creative cognition and goal interrelations have in common? Personality as a common predictor

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Onderzoek: virtueel vergaderen maakt minder creatief

Videovergaderingen maken minder creatief, volgens Nature-onderzoek

Videovergaderingen maken ons minder creatief

Populaire ‘Big Five’-persoonlijkheidstest faalt in niet-westerse culturen

Dit artikel gaat over uitstelgedrag. Je zou het ook later kunnen lezen.

Matching en selectie

Managers gaan aan de haal met totale kolder

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