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Over onsWaar vindt u onsprof. dr. B.A.M. (Bart) Ramakers

prof. dr. B.A.M. Ramakers

Hoogleraar Oudere Nederlandse Letterkunde

Current research projects:

Cities of Readers: Religious Literacies in the Long Fifteenth Century (NWO, Free Competition programme, 2015-2019)

A Tale of Two Tongues: The Interplay of Dutch and French in the Literary Culture of the Low Countries, 1550-1600 (NWO, PhDs in the Humanities programme, 2013-2017)

Past research projects:

Levend erfgoed: Beheer en behoud van begraafplaatsen in Noord-Nederland (NWO, Creative industry - Knowledge Innovation Mapping (KIEM), 2014-2015)

Trading Values: Cultural Translation in Early Modern Antwerp (NWO, Internationalisation in the Humanities grant, 2011-2014) 

The Town as a Body Social, 1300-1650 (NWO, Urbanisation and Urban Culture programme, 2006-2012)

Volkstalig en Latijns toneel in de late Middeleeuwen en de vroegmoderne tijd: ontmoeting en wisselwerking (NWO, Internationalisation in the Humanities grant, 2004-2007)

The Cultural Influence of the German-speaking Countries in the Netherlands between 1750 and 1850: Repercussions on the Arts, the Literary Field and the Printed Media (NWO, Free Competition programme, 2003-2008)

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