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B.A.M. (Bert) Kers

B.A.M. (Bert) Kers

Quantifying Hot-spot Methane Emissions Using a UAV-based Active AirCore System

Chen, T. Andersen, K. Vinkovic, M. de Vries, B. Kers, W. Peters, C. van heer Waarden, A. Raznjevic, M. C. Krol, T. Röckmann, M. Menoud, J. M. NÄ™cki, A. Roiger, 2018, vol. 41. American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting 2018

Total column carbon dioxide and methane measurements at Sodankylä

Rigel Kivi (1), Huilin Chen (2,3), Juha Hatakka (1), Pauli Heikkinen (1), Bert Kers (2), and Tuomas Laurila (1)

Quantifying methane emissions from coal mining shafts in Silesia, Poland using an active AirCore system

Truls Andersen (1), Wouter Peters (1,2), Marcel de Vries (1), Bert Kers (1), Jaroslaw Necki (3), Justna Swolkien (3), Anke Roiger (4), and Huilin Chen (1).

 AirCore observations of CO2/CH4/CO over the Sodankylä TCCON site

Huilin Chen (1,2), Rigel Kivi (3), Pauli Heikkinen (3), Bert Kers (1), Marcel de Vreis (1), Juha Hatakka (4), Tuomas Laurila (4), Tim Newberger (2), Jack Higgs (2), Colm Sweeney (2,5), Pieter Tans (5)

Validation of TCCON observations of CO2/CH4/CO at Sodankyla using AirCore

Huilin Chen (1,2) ,Bert Kers (1), Rigel Kivi (3), Juha Hatakka (4), Tuomas Laurila (4), Wouter Peters (1,5), Sander Houweling (6)

Evaluation and quality assessment of 8 years (2006-2013) of N2O and SF6 observations at Lutjewad monitoring station, the Netherlands

Bert Scheeren (1), Huilin Chen (1,2), Bert Kers (1), Sander van der Laan (3), and Harro Meijer (1)

Atmospheric observations of greenhouse gases and related tracers and isotopes from the Center for Isotope Research (CIO)

Huilin Chen (1,2,3) ,Bert Kers (1), Charlotte van Leeuwen (1), Swagath Navin Manohar (1), Marcel de Vries (1), Sander van der Laan (1), Ingrid van der Laan-Luijkx (4), Harro A.J. Meijer (1)

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