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Creatine homeostasis and protein energy wasting in hemodialysis patients

Fibroblast growth factor 21 and protein energy wasting in hemodialysis patients

Muscle mass versus body mass index as predictor of adverse outcome

Plasma creatine and incident type 2 diabetes in a general population-based cohort: The PREVEND study

Reduced Vitamin K Status and Coronavirus Disease 2019: An Epiphenomenon of Impaired Kidney Function?

Comparison of two methods for the assessment of intra-erythrocyte magnesium and its determinants: Results from the LifeLines cohort study

Effect of High versus Low Dairy Consumption on the Gut Microbiome: Results of a Randomized, Cross-Over Study

Functional vitamin K status and risk of incident chronic kidney disease and microalbuminuria: a prospective general population-based cohort study

Galectin-3 and Risk of Late Graft Failure in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A 10-years Prospective Cohort Study

Is low sodium intake a risk factor for severe and fatal COVID-19 infection?

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