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dr. A. (Alejandra) Wah

Assistant Professor in Arts and Cognition
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BA First-year:  Arts and Cognition. This course offers an introduction into the cognitive thinking on art and an overview into the different perspectives on the study of art within the cognitive sciences. It focuses on the principles of evolutionary thinking about art, and on the biology of human cognition including emotion, feeling, memory, perception, imagination, and consciousness.

BA First-year:  Lecturer-Tutor/Mentor. During group and individual meetings, the tutor helps students develop study skills and an academic study attitude by paying attention to effective study behavior. The tutor also refers students on to other sources of support within the academic community: Study-Advisor, Student-Mentor, Student-Association, Information Services, and The Centre for Study Support and Academic Skills.

BA Third-year: Art and Cognition - University Minor Culture and Cognition. This module is part of the University Minor in Culture and Cognition and offers an introduction into the cognitive perspective on art and art therapies (music therapy; dance therapy; visual/tactile therapy; drama therapy; and writing therapy). The module focuses on the evolution of the cognitive processes underlying artistic experience, on the development of this human capacity, and on its possible functions.

BA Third-year: Research Tutor - Honours College. In this tutorial, students become familiar with performing research tasks by working on conducting research for an academic publication by the supervisor. The tasks can include conducting literature research, collecting, processing, interpreting data, and/or conducting bibliographical and editorial tasks for the publication.

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