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Autoignition studies of NH3/CH4 mixtures at high pressure

Experimental and numerical analysis of the autoignition behavior of NH3 and NH3/H2 mixtures at high pressure

Variation in Flame Temperature with Burner Stabilization in 1D Premixed Dimethyl Ether/Air Flames Measured by Spontaneous Raman Scattering

Growth of Soot Volume Fraction and Aggregate Size in 1D Premixed C2H4/Air Flames Studied by Laser-Induced Incandescence and Angle-Dependent Light Scattering

The effects of hydrogen addition on silica aggregate growth in atmospheric-pressure, 1-D methane/air flames with hexamethyldisiloxane admixture

Angle-Dependent Light Scattering Study of Silica Aggregate Growth in 1-D Methane/Air Flames with Hexamethyldisiloxane Admixture: Effects of Siloxane Concentration, Flame Temperature, and Equivalence Ratio

Intracavity absorption spectroscopy of formaldehyde from 6230 to 6420 cm(-1)

The impact of natural gas/hydrogen mixtures on the performance of end-use equipment: Interchangeability analysis for domestic appliances

Size distribution of silica nanoparticles: Its impact on green energy

Experimental Studies of Formation and Growth of Silica Particles in Flames

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