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A review of gender scores in epidemiological research: methods, advantages, and implications

Twists and turns: Sex and gender differences in the illness trajectories of common somatic symptoms

Different patterns of persistent somatic symptoms after COVID-19 reported by the Dutch media and the general population

Discordance between Adolescents and Parents in Functional Somatic Symptom Reports: Sex Differences and Future Symptom Prevalence

Ervaringen van transgender en genderdiverse personen in de huisartsenzorg: een mixed method onderzoek

Feel it! A qualitative study on the social origins of somatic symptoms: “You’re supposed to go to school, but okay, if she is REALLY sick, or coughs or REALLY isn’t feeling well…”

How to Ensure Inclusivity in Large-Scale General Population Cohort Studies?: Lessons Learned with Regard to Including and Assessing Sex, Gender, and Sexual Orientation

Persistent somatic symptom related stigmatisation by healthcare professionals: A systematic review of questionnaire measurement instruments

PHALLUS. Norm & Vorm

Sex and gender differences in primary care help-seeking for common somatic symptoms: a longitudinal study

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Vrouw krijgt met dezelfde klachten veel minder diagnostiek dan man

Dr. Kelder en Co

Wat is het verschil tussen mannen en vrouwen bij de huisarts?

Verschillen in de zorg voor mannen en vrouwen met dezelfde klachten

Mannen en vrouwen ervaren lichamelijke klachten echt anders

Er is veel verschil tussen het ziektetraject van mannen en dat van vrouwen

Transformation: how brain scientists look at transgender research differently

A little attention goes a long way: personalizing care by considering gender [in Dutch]

Hysterica - De Eeuw van de Vrouw

Women in Science awards uitgereikt

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