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Generic resources are what you need: Style transfer tasks without task-specific parallel training data

Thank you BART! Rewarding Pre-Trained Models Improves Formality Style Transfer

A Set of Recommendations for Assessing Human--Machine Parity in Language Translation

Character-level Representations Improve DRS-based Semantic Parsing Even in the Age of BERT

Data Selection for Unsupervised Translation of German--Upper Sorbian

Fine-grained Human Evaluation of Transformer and Recurrent Approaches to Neural Machine Translation for English-to-Chinese

Low-Resource Unsupervised NMT: Diagnosing the Problem and Providing a Linguistically Motivated Solution

Machine Translation for English--Inuktitut with Segmentation, Data Acquisition and Pre-Training

Machine Translation of Novels in the Age of Transformer

Reassessing Claims of Human Parity and Super-Human Performance in Machine Translation at WMT 2019

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Les universitats de Groningen i Surrey promouen un projecte de recerca sobre el català

The literary touch is lost in computer translation

Machine Translates Literature