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How to find us dr. A. (Antje) Schmitt

Research interests

  • Self-regulation and occupational well-being
  • Proactive work behavior during occupational transitions
  • Coping with negative work events
  • Entrepreneurs’ psychological health and well-being


Entrepreneurs’ psychological wellbeing

Exploring the Engaged Worker over Time—A Week-Level Study of How Positive and Negative Work Events Affect Work Engagement

How Do Entrepreneurs Influence Their Social Environment? New Psychological Perspectives

Students' career exploration: A meta-analysis

Understanding the initiative paradox: the interplay of leader neuroticism and follower traits in evaluating the desirability of follower proactivity

Benefits of negative affective states

Dynamic effects of personal initiative on engagement and exhaustion: The role of mood, autonomy, and support

Finding peace of mind when there still is so much left undone: A diary study on how job stress, competence need satisfaction, and proactive work behavior contribute to work-related rumination during the weekend

Lifespan perspective on occupational health

When and how does anger during goal pursuit relate to goal achievement? The roles of persistence and action planning

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