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Benefits of negative affective states

Entrepreneurial well-being

Dynamic effects of personal initiative on engagement and exhaustion: The role of mood, autonomy, and support

Finding peace of mind when there still is so much left undone: A diary study on how job stress, competence need satisfaction, and proactive work behavior contribute to work-related rumination during the weekend

Lifespan perspective on occupational health

When and how does anger during goal pursuit relate to goal achievement? The roles of persistence and action planning

A Dynamic Model of Entrepreneurial Uncertainty and Business Opportunity Identification: Exploration as a Mediator and Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy as a Moderator

Identifying ICT-related affective events across life domains and examining their unique relationships with employee recovery

Occupational Health across the Lifespan

Übergang in und Anpassung an den Ruhestand als Herausforderung aus psychologischer Perspektive

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A good action plan protects your goals from the negative impacts of anger, study finds