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Comparison of extracellular vesicle isolation and storage methods using high-sensitivity flow cytometry

Correlating Corona Composition and Cell Uptake to Identify Proteins Affecting Nanoparticle Entry into Endothelial Cells

Effects of Protein Source on Liposome Uptake by Cells: Corona Composition and Impact of the Excess Free Proteins

Imaging of nanoparticle uptake and kinetics of intracellular trafficking in individual cells

Nanoparticle-induced inflammation and fibrosis in ex vivo murine precision-cut liver slices and effects of nanoparticle exposure conditions

Sources of Variability in Nanoparticle Uptake by Cells

Time- and Space-Resolved Flow-Cytometry of Cell Organelles to Quantify Nanoparticle Uptake and Intracellular Trafficking by Cells

Comparative study of nanoparticle uptake and impact in murine lung, liver and kidney tissue slices

Comparison of the uptake mechanisms of zwitterionic and negatively charged liposomes by HeLa cells

Cytotoxicity of fractured quartz on THP-1 human macrophages: Role of the membranolytic activity of quartz and phagolysosome destabilization

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