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Comparative study of nanoparticle uptake and impact in murine lung, liver and kidney tissue slices

Cytotoxicity of fractured quartz on THP-1 human macrophages: Role of the membranolytic activity of quartz and phagolysosome destabilization

Disentangling Biomolecular Corona Interactions With Cell Receptors and Implications for Targeting of Nanomedicines

Effect of endothelial cell heterogeneity on nanoparticle uptake

Improving quality in nanoparticle-induced cytotoxicity testing by a tiered inter-laboratory comparison study

Interactions at the cell membrane and pathways of internalization of nano-sized materials for nanomedicine

Light-Triggered Trafficking to the Cell Nucleus of a Cationic Polyamidoamine Functionalized with Ruthenium Complexes

Time-resolved analysis of Staphylococcus aureus invading the endothelial barrier

Time-resolved characterization of the mechanisms of toxicity induced by silica and amino-modified polystyrene on alveolar-like macrophages

Time-Resolved Quantification of Nanoparticle Uptake, Distribution, and Impact in Precision-Cut Liver Slices

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