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Research interests

health systems'preparedness

decentralisation and regionalism

international health governance


Research interests

      Dr. Arianna Rotulo works as Assistant Professor at the University of Groningen – Campus Fryslan. She got her PhD from Queen Mary University of London in May 2022 with a research project on the effects of fiscal decentralization on equitable access to healthcare services.

      Arianna combines econometrics, economic geography, and the political economy of health to understand the role of healthcare services in the distribution and development of avoidable healthcare disparities. Currently she is interested in interdisciplinary research on health systems preparedness, international health governance, and degrowth.

Arianna also coordinates the Global Equity and Resilient Health Systems course and teaches Principles of Economics, Statistics, and Research Methods at Campus Fryslan.

      Arianna is part of an international team based at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, working on the project ‘IMF and Health Care Reforms in Europe’, funded by ELIDEK.

     Between 2021 and 2022 Arianna acted as a consultant to the San Gallicano Institute on how to improve the welfare of the vulnerable population of Rome, within the Mi.Fa.Bene project, involving the Municipality of Rome, the Italian Ministry of Interior, and the European Commission.

Latest publications

  • Morrone A, Buonomini AR, Sannella A, Pimpinelli F, Rotulo A. Unequal access to testing and vaccination services for the homenelss and undocumented population during COVID-19 pandemic – International Journal of Public Health
  • Rotulo A, Blandina M, Barria S, Kondilis E. ‘Healthcare and COVID-19 privatization by stealth’, in Labontè, R (ed.) Global Health Watch 6 – In the Shadow of the Pandemic. London: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 9781913441265
  • Rotulo A, Paraskevopoulou C, Kondilis E. The effects of health sector fiscal decentralisation on availability, accessibility, and utilisation of healthcare services: A panel data analysis – International Journal of Health Policy and Management –
  • Kondilis E, Pantoularis I, Makridou E, Rotulo A, Seretis S, Benos A. Critical assessment of preparedness and policies addressing the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) pandemic: International and Greek experience – KEPY report 2020.2 -
  • Russo G, Silva TJ, Gassasse Z, Filippon J, Rotulo A, Kondilis E. The impact of economic recession on health workers. Findings from a systematic review and best-fit framework synthesis of the evidence from the last fifty years – Health Policy and Planning;
  • Rotulo A, Kondilis E, Epstein M. Fiscal Federalism vs Fiscal Decentralisation in healthcare: A Conceptual Framework – Hyppokratia –

Conference Presentations

  • Rotulo A. Social inequalities between Italians and foreigners or between rich and poor? – Oral presentation at The Phenomenon of Migration Between Past and Future, Siracusa (Sicily) February 2022
  • Rotulo A. COVID-19 and migration: pandemic risk management – Oral presentation at The Phenomenon of Migration Between Past and Future, Siracusa (Sicily) February 2022
  • Rotulo A. Inequities and inequalities before and after COVID-19: an evaluation of Italian and international experiences – oral presentation at COVID-19 and Fragilities: The inequality virus against the PNRR, Rome, July 2021
  • Rotulo A. Kondilis E. What is Fiscal Decentralisation and how does it impact on health and healthcare inequities? A systematic review of evidence – oral presentation at International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE) Conference Lille (France), July 2019
  • Rotulo A. Unpacking Federalism and Decentralisation in Health Care: A Narrative Review on Concepts – oral presentation at International Initiative for Promoting Political Economy (IIPPE) Conference Pula (Croatia), September 2018
  • Rotulo A. Fragmentation of Healthcare Services: evidence of Fiscal Federalism and Fiscal Decentralisation from the English, Italian, and Spanish NHS - oral presentation at International Association of Health Policy in Europe (IAHPE), September 2017
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