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Language impairments and CNS infections: a review

Mapping Verb Retrieval With nTMS: The Role of Transitivity

What drives task performance in fluency tasks in people with HIV?

A "Verbal Thermometer" for Assessing Neurodegenerative Disease: Automated Measurement of Pronoun and Verb Ratio from Speech

Augmented reality for the virtual dissection of white matter pathways

Cognitive and language performance predicts effects of spelling intervention and tDCS in Primary Progressive Aphasia

Comparing navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation mapping and "gold standard" direct cortical stimulation mapping in neurosurgery: a systematic review

What Drives Task Performance During Animal Fluency in People With Alzheimer's Disease?

Language processing from the perspective of electrical stimulation mapping

The Role of Word Properties in Performance on Fluency Tasks in People with Primary Progressive Aphasia

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