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Quantifying change of direction load using positional data from small-sided games in soccer

Singular Spectrum Analysis as a data-driven approach to the analysis of motor adaptation time series

Adaptive Control of Dynamic Balance across the Adult Lifespan

Amplitude and stride-to-stride variability of muscle activity during Lokomat guided walking and treadmill walking in children with cerebral palsy

Anticipatory control of human gait following simulated slip exposure

Do gait and muscle activation patterns change at middle-age during split-belt adaptation?

Lokomat guided gait in hemiparetic stroke patients: the effects of training parameters on muscle activity and temporal symmetry

Maintaining sagittal plane balance compromises frontal plane balance during reactive stepping in people post-stroke

After-effect magnitude predicts retention in split-belt gait adaptation.

Bilateral temporal control determines mediolateral margins of stability in symmetric and asymmetric human walking

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