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Age, Cognitive Task, and Arm Position Differently Affect Muscle Synergy Recruitment but have Similar Effects on Walking Balance

Comparison of ground reaction force and marker-based methods to estimate mediolateral center of mass displacement and margins of stability during walking

Natural ageing primarily affects the initial response to a sustained walking perturbation but not the ability to adapt over time

Beam width and arm position but not cognitive task affect walking balance in older adults

Effects of asymmetrical support on lower limb muscle activity during Lokomat guided gait in persons with a chronic stroke: an explorative study

Quantifying change of direction load using positional data from small-sided games in soccer

Singular Spectrum Analysis as a data-driven approach to the analysis of motor adaptation time series

Split-belt walking: An experience that is hard to forget

Long-term savings of locomotor adaptation in human split-belt treadmill walking

The relationship between the anteroposterior and mediolateral margins of stability in able-bodied human walking

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