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Advances on methane reforming in solid oxide fuel cells

Agroforestry in Shade Coffee Plantations as an Emission Reduction Strategy for Tropical Regions: Public Acceptance and the Role of Tree Banking

Effect of H2S and HCl contaminants on nickel and ceria pattern anode solid oxide fuel cells

Methane reforming in solid oxide fuel cells: Challenges and strategies

Negative Emission Power Plants: Thermodynamic Modeling and Evaluation of a Biomass-Based Integrated Gasification Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Gas Turbine System for Power, Heat, and Biochar Co-Production—Part 1

The effect of H2S on internal dry reforming in biogas fuelled solid oxide fuel cells

A solid oxide fuel cell fuelled by methane recovered from groundwater

A solid oxide fuel cell-supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton cycle hybrid system

Catalytic reforming of acetic acid as main primary tar compound from biomass updraft gasifiers: screening of suitable catalysts and operating conditions

Comparison of Reversible SOC-Based Renewable Energy Storage Systems for the Netherlands and India

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