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dr. A. Plantinga

Universitair Hoofddocent


Studie naar de effectiviteit van pensioencommunicatie in samenwerking met aanbieder van pensioenondersteunende diensten.


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Energie transitie en financiële markten

I am currently working on a project with Bert Scholtens on the impact of fossil divesting on investment portfolios.

The divestment movement tries to increase awareness about the need for climate action. It heralds divestment from fossil fuel firms as a means to combat climate change. Investors want to be assured of sufficient returns and limited risks to allow for subsistence of beneficiaries. We investigate the impact of divestment and the transformation of the energy system on investment performance. We conclude divesting from fossil fuels does not incur financial harm to investors, even when fossil would continue to play a dominant role for some time.

This post provide the links to the data used in this project.

  • Do file for stata
  • Data file for use in stata: this file is necessary to run the do file
  • Excel file: contains most of the data, basic analyses, and portfolio optimizations

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