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Angular analysis of B0→D∗−D∗+s with D∗+s→D+sγ decays

Angular Analysis of the B + → K * + μ + μ − Decay

Erratum to: Study of B0s → J/ψπ+π−K+K− decays

Evidence of a J/psi Lambda structure and observation of excited Xi(-) states in the Xi(-)(b) -> J/psi Lambda K- decay

First Observation of the Decay B 0 s → K − μ + ν μ and a Measurement of | V u b | / | V c b |

Measurement of C P Violation in the Decay B + → K + π 0

Measurement of CP observables in B± → D(*)K± and B± → D(*)π± decays using two-body D final states

Measurement of differential bb¯¯- and cc¯¯-dijet cross-sections in the forward region of pp collisions at s√ = 13 TeV

Measurement of the branching fraction of the B0→D+sπ− decay

Measurement of the CKM angle γ and B0s-B¯¯¯¯0s mixing frequency with B0s→D∓sh±π±π∓ decays

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How Can Companies Use Predictive Maintenance?

Taking Standardized Electrical Designs Into New Markets

Advancing Fluid Dynamics Systems with AM featuring CERN

Advancing Fluid Dynamics Systems with AM featuring CERN

Laser Scanning Accelerates Power Plant Conversions to Natural Gas

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