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Practical matters How to find us dr. A. (Annet) Nieuwhof


De opgraving bij Adorp

I pagt med vandet

Living with the water

Hunting colours: origin and reuse of glass tesserae from the Wierum terp

Late-Holocene sea-level reconstruction (1200 BC–AD 100) in the Westergo terp region of the northern Netherlands

The Frisians and their Pottery: Social Relations before and after the Fourth Century AD

Creating a home. Ritual practice in a terp settlement in the northern Netherlands

Digging for kings, finding pottery. Wijnaldum in the first millennium

Ezinge revisited. The ancient roots of a terp settlement: Volume 1: Excavation - Environment and Economy - Catalogue of Plans and Finds

Handmade pottery of the Merovingian and Carolingian periods at Wijnaldum

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Koningen Wijnaldum beheersten handelsroute naar Duitsland

Review The highest terp of Friesland. New and old research at Hogebeintum

Hegebeintum: een exceptional terp

The terp of Hegebeintum became really high in the early midde ages.

De Friese historie in honderdduizend scherven

Review Nieuwhof: Eight human skulls in a dung heap

Adapting to the sea

Interview in Stad & Lande

Review of Nieuwhof et al 2019: Adapting to the Sea.

Hoog en droog. Leven op terpen en wierden

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