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Transfer Learning from Synthetic Data for Cell Segmentation and Tracking

Temporal segregation of biosynthetic processes is responsible for metabolic oscillations during the budding yeast cell cycle

A convolutional neural network for segmentation of yeast cells without manual training annotations

A user-friendly and streamlined protocol for CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in budding yeast

Propagation of initial condition uncertainty for linear dynamical systems: Beyond the Gaussian assumption

Systematic In Vivo Characterization of Fluorescent Protein Maturation in Budding Yeast

The timing of Start is determined primarily by increased synthesis of the Cln3 activator rather than dilution of the Whi5 inhibitor

TORC1 and PKA activity towards ribosome biogenesis oscillates in synchrony with the budding yeast cell cycle

Moment-based uncertainty propagation for deterministic biochemical network models with rational reaction rates

Uncertainty propagation for deterministic models of biochemical networks using moment equations and the extended Kalman filter

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NWO XS-subsidie voor drie FSE-onderzoekers

Three FSE researchers receive NWO XS grant

Toewijzingen voor achtentwintig aanvragen binnen Open Competitie ENW-XS

Grants for twenty-eight applications within Open Competition ENW-XS

ENW Science-M grant for Andreas Milias Argeitis

Nineteen innovative research projects launched through Open Competition Domain Science-M programme

Negentien vernieuwende onderzoeksprojecten van start via Open Competitie ENW-M

Synthetische data versnellen onderzoek naar gist

Synthetic data speed up yeast research

Onderzoek naar de celcyclus van gistcellen naar hoger plan door Artificial Intelligence

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