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Regio- and stereoselective steroid hydroxylation by CYP109A2 from Bacillus megaterium explored by X-ray crystallography and computational modeling

Gene Fusion and Directed Evolution to Break Structural Symmetry and Boost Catalysis by an Oligomeric C‐C Bond‐Forming Enzyme

The Role of Tryptophan in π Interactions in Proteins: An Experimental Approach

Biocatalytic Enantioselective Hydroaminations Enabling Synthesis of N-Arylalkyl-Substituted L-Aspartic Acids

Computational Redesign of an ω-Transaminase from Pseudomonas jessenii for Asymmetric Synthesis of Enantiopure Bulky Amines

Unlocking Asymmetric Michael Additions in an Archetypical Class I Aldolase by Directed Evolution

Using Mutability Landscapes To Guide Enzyme Thermostabilization

Cofactor Binding Dynamics Influence the Catalytic Activity and Selectivity of an Artificial Metalloenzyme

Engineered C–N Lyase: Enantioselective Synthesis of Chiral Synthons for Artificial Dipeptide Sweeteners Catalyzed by an Engineered C-N Lyase

Robust ω-Transaminases by Computational Stabilization of the Subunit Interface

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Kunstmatige intelligentie kraakt een van de grote raadsels in de biologie

3D ontdekkingstocht in de wereld van eiwitten