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Extracellular matrix inclusion in immunoisolating alginate-based microcapsules promotes longevity, reduces fibrosis, and supports function of islet allografts in vivo

Mechanisms of Foreign Body Giant Cell Formation in Response to Implantable Biomaterials

Applying Immunomodulation to Promote Longevity of Immunoisolated Pancreatic Islet Grafts

Inclusion of extracellular matrix molecules and necrostatin-1 in the intracapsular environment of alginate-based microcapsules synergistically protects pancreatic β cells against cytokine-induced inflammatory stress

DAMPening COVID-19 Severity by Attenuating Danger Signals

In vitro degradation profiles and in vivo biomaterial-tissue interactions of microwell array delivery devices

In vitro determination of the immunosuppressive effect, internalization, and release mechanism of squalene-gusperimus nanoparticles for managing inflammatory responses

In Vitro Studies of Squalene-Gusperimus Nanoparticles in Islet-Containing Alginate Microcapsules to Regulate the Immune Response in the Immediate Posttransplant Period

In vivo vascularization and islet function in a microwell device for pancreatic islet transplantation

Tethering Cells via Enzymatic Oxidative Crosslinking Enables Mechanotransduction in Non-Cell-Adhesive Materials

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Apparaatje is groot voordeel voor diabetesbehandelingen