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dr. A.M. (Anita) Kram

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Central role of mic10 in the mitochondrial contact site and cristae organizing system

The membrane remodeling protein Pex11p activates the GTPase Dnm1p during peroxisomal fission

Yeast pex1 cells contain peroxisomal ghosts that import matrix proteins upon reintroduction of Pex1

Preperoxisomal vesicles can form in the absence of Pex3

Role of MINOS in Mitochondrial Membrane Architecture: Cristae Morphology and Outer Membrane Interactions Differentially Depend on Mitofilin Domains

Isolation of mutants of Hansenula polymorpha defective in the assembly of octameric alcohol oxidase

Normal peroxisome development from vesicles induced by truncated Hansenula polymorpha Pex3p

A novel method to determine the topology of peroxisomal membrane proteins in vivo using the tobacco etch virus protease

Glucose-induced and nitrogen-starvation-induced peroxisome degradation are distinct processes in Hansenula polymorpha that involve both common and unique genes

A stretch of positively charged amino acids at the N terminus of Hansenula polymorpha Pex3p is involved in incorporation of the protein into the peroxisomal membrane

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