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Biomimetic Soft Polymer Microstructures and Piezoresistive Graphene MEMS Sensors using Sacrificial Metal 3D Printing

Design and fabrication of conformal cooling channels in molds: Review and progress updates

Experimental and numerical investigation of the origin of surface roughness in laser powder bed fused overhang regions

A Low-Cost Lung Monitoring Point-Of-Care Device Based On A Flexible Piezoresistive Flow Sensor

Bioinspired PDMS-graphene cantilever flow sensors using 3D printing and replica moulding

Investigation on shape deviation of horizontal interior circular channels fabricated by laser powder bed fusion

PDMS Flow Sensors With Graphene Piezoresistors Using 3D Printing and Soft Lithography

An analytical method to predict and compensate for residual stress-induced deformation in overhanging regions of internal channels fabricated using powder bed fusion

Bioinspired Cilia Sensors with Graphene Sensing Elements Fabricated Using 3D Printing and Casting

Fish-inspired flow sensing for biomedical applications

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Flowsensoren gebaseerd op vissen en zeehonden voor biomedische toepassingen


Sensors inspired by seal whiskers and fish

Using Casting, Graphene, and SLM 3D Printing to Create Bioinspired Cilia Sensors

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