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Undulating Seal Whiskers Evolved Optimal Wavelength-to-Diameter Ratio for Efficient Reduction in Vortex-Induced Vibrations

Wavy Whiskers in Wakes: Explaining the Trail-Tracking Capabilities of Whisker Arrays on Seal Muzzles

3D Printed Graphene Piezoresistive Microelectromechanical System Sensors to Explain the Ultrasensitive Wake Tracking of Wavy Seal Whiskers

Natural frequency measurement of seal whiskers using a 3D-printed MEMS graphene-based cantilever sensor

Piezoresistive 3D graphene-PDMS spongy pressure sensors for IoT enabled wearables and smart products

Source Seeking Control of Unicycle Robots with 3-D-Printed Flexible Piezoresistive Sensors

3D-printed Flexible Piezoresistive Sensors-based Source Seeking Control of Unicycle Robots

3D Printed Graphene-Coated Flexible Lattice as Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor

Bioinspired PDMS-graphene cantilever flow sensors using 3D printing and replica moulding

Biomimetic Soft Polymer Microstructures and Piezoresistive Graphene MEMS Sensors using Sacrificial Metal 3D Printing

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The Smart Sensors of Kottapalli - By Touch

Wearable Sensors in Fabric May Help Monitor Disease Progression

Skin-inspired sensors show how our body moves

Skin-inspired sensors show how our body moves

Skin-inspired sensors show how our body moves

Flowsensoren gebaseerd op vissen en zeehonden voor biomedische toepassingen


Sensors inspired by seal whiskers and fish

Using Casting, Graphene, and SLM 3D Printing to Create Bioinspired Cilia Sensors

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