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Fertility preferences in China in the twenty-first century

Gendered work-family life courses and late-life physical functioning: A comparative analysis from 28 European countries

Having a child within a cohabiting union in Europe and North America: What is the role of parents' socio-economic status?

Socio-Economic Differences in the Prevalence of Single Motherhood in North America and Europe

Gender and socioeconomic inequalities in health at older ages across different European welfare clusters: Evidence from SHARE data, 2004-2015

The pains and reliefs of the transitions into and out of spousal caregiving. A cross-national comparison of the health consequences of caregiving by gender

Caught in between: neoliberal rhetoric and middle-income families in Canada and the United States

Generations and Gender Survey study profile

Poverty Dynamics, Parenting and Child Mental Health in Canada

The Influence of Parental Educational Attainment on the Partnership Context at First Birth in 16 Western Societies

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Eliminate fertility barriers and promote a family-friendly society

How do countries fight falling birth rates?