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A.M. Dolga, PhD

Assistant Professor

Current PhD projects under my (co-)supervision:

  • Inge Krabbendam: Impact of SK channel modulation on mitochondrial dysfunction and inflammation.

(Co-supervision with Martina Schmidt; expected completion 2020).

  • Angelica Sabogal: The cross-talk between mitochondrial metabolism and inflammation in neurodegeneration.

(Co-supervision with Erik Boddeke; expected completion 2019).

  • Pien Goldsteen: Neuro-Chip: Neuronal control of human internal organ pathophysiology

(Co-supervision with Reinoud Gosens; expected completion 2021).

  • Asmaa Oun: The role of LRKK2 in mitochondrial metabolism and inflammation.

(Co-supervision with Arjan Kortholt; expected completion 2022).


Dr. Birgit Honrath: Impact of alterations in mitochondrial calcium homeostasis on mitochondrial metabolism (December 2017).

Current Master projects under my supervision:

Former projects:

2016-2017: Jacob Slagter: Inhibition of immune-check points in Alzheimer`s disease.

2016-2017: Carmen IJsebaart: Calcium regulation at the interface between ER-mitochondrial contact points.

2015-2016: Tammo Meyer: The role of SK channel activation in mitochondrial metabolism and ROS production.

2015-2016: Valentina Pegoretti: Mitochondrial SK channel involvement in neuronal HT-22 cell oxidative stress.

2015-2016: Chairi Misrielal: The effects of diet and circadian rhythm on brain mitochondrial function.

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