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Impact of childhood trauma on multidimensional frailty in older patients with a unipolar depressive-, anxiety- or somatic symptom disorder

Subtypes of Late-Life Depression: A Data-Driven Approach on Cognitive Domains and Physical Frailty

Temporal dynamics of depression, cognitive performance and sleep in older persons with depressive symptoms and cognitive impairments: a series of eight single-subject studies

A Cross-National Analysis of the Psychometric Properties of the Geriatric Anxiety Inventory

Study design of the Routine Outcome Monitoring for Geriatric Psychiatry & Science (ROM-GPS) project; a cohort study of older patients with affective disorders referred for specialised geriatric mental health care

Anxiety disorders and figural fluency: A measure of executive function

The relationship between depression and executive function and the impact of vascular disease burden in younger and older adults

Symptom Dimensions of Depression and 3-Year Incidence of Dementia: Results From the Amsterdam Study of the Elderly

The Relationship of Minor and Major Depression on Cognitive Functioning in Younger, Middle-aged and Older Adults

Symptom dimensions of depression and 3-year incidence of dementia. Results from the Amsterdam Study of the Elderly (AMSTEL)

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