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Temporal dynamics of depression, cognitive performance and sleep in older persons with depressive symptoms and cognitive impairments: a series of eight single-subject studies

The impact of a history of child abuse on cognitive performance: a cross-sectional study in older patients with a depressive, anxiety, or somatic symptom disorder

Impact of childhood trauma on multidimensional frailty in older patients with a unipolar depressive-, anxiety- or somatic symptom

Subtypes of Late-Life Depression: A Data-Driven Approach on Cognitive Domains and Physical Frailty

A Cross-National Analysis of the Psychometric Properties of the Geriatric Anxiety Inventory

Diagnostic complexities of the differential diagnosis between biomedical frailty and depression

Study design of the Routine Outcome Monitoring for Geriatric Psychiatry & Science (ROM-GPS) project; a cohort study of older patients with affective disorders referred for specialised geriatric mental health care

Anxiety disorders and figural fluency: A measure of executive function

The relationship between depression and executive function and the impact of vascular disease burden in younger and older adults

Symptom Dimensions of Depression and 3-Year Incidence of Dementia: Results From the Amsterdam Study of the Elderly

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