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A conserved role for LRRK2 and Roco proteins in the regulation of mitochondrial activity

Combined FCS and PCH analysis to quantify protein dimerization in living cells

Forty-five years of cGMP research in Dictyostelium: Understanding the regulation and function of the cGMP pathway for cell movement and chemotaxis

The cytoskeleton regulates symmetry transitions in moving amoeboid cells

Coupled Excitable Ras and F-actin activation mediate spontaneous pseudopod formation and directed cell movement

GPCR-controlled membrane recruitment of negative regulator C2GAP1 locally inhibits Ras signaling for adaptation and long-range chemotaxis

A Worldwide Competition to Compare the Speed and Chemotactic Accuracy of Neutrophil-Like Cells

Homer3 regulates the establishment of neutrophil polarity

Rap1-dependent pathways coordinate cytokinesis in Dictyostelium

Dictyostelium Ric8 is a nonreceptor guanine exchange factor for heterotrimeric G proteins and is important for development and chemotaxis

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Groninger kampioencellen

Slijmschimmel wint hardloopwedstrijd

De slimste cellen komen uit Groningen

Groningse slijmschimmel wint hardloopwedstrijd

Nederlandse slijmschimmel wint cellenrace

Nimble amoebas battle for world supremacy


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