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Assessing the clinical benefit of systemic anti-cancer treatments in the Netherlands: The impact of different thresholds for effectiveness

Characteristics of timely integration of palliative care into oncology hospital care for patients with incurable cancer: results of a Delphi Study

Drug-drug interaction perpetrators of oxycodone in patients with cancer: frequency and clinical relevance

Fear, anxiety and depression in gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) patients in the Netherlands: Data from a cross-sectional multicenter study

Financial difficulties experienced by patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST) in the Netherlands: data from a cross-sectional multicentre study

‘Het gaat erom dat de patiënt de meest effectieve behandeling krijgt’: Voorzitter An Reyners blikt terug op een kwart eeuw cieBOM

Levels of circulating tumor DNA correlate with tumor volume in gastro-intestinal stromal tumors: an exploratory long-term follow-up study

Managing cancer and living meaningfully (CALM): Implementation in Dutch cancer care

Pazec: a Dutch Gynaecological Oncology Group open-label, multicenter, phase II study of pazopanib in metastatic and locally advanced hormone-resistant endometrial cancer

Referral patterns of GIST patients: data from a nationwide study

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Ruim 6,6 miljoen subsidie van het KWF voor UMCG-onderzoekers

Onderzoekers UMCG krijgen 6,6 miljoen euro van KWF Kankerbestrijding

Lat omhoog voor nieuwe kankermedicatie

LUMC Prijzen, subsidies en benoemingen

Hoe voeg ik leven toe aan mijn dagen?

‘Meer awareness over het belang van palliatieve zorg blijft nodig’

Palliatieve geneeskunde is meer dan alleen stervenszorg

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